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Corrosion Resistant Agitators Stirrers and Mixers

Corrosion Resistant Agitators, Stirrers and Mixers

Tantaline® treated agitators, stirrers, and mixers are the most corrosion resistant agitators, stirrers and mixers commercially available for laboratory and commercial sized tanks, vessels and reactors. Having better corrosion resistance than nickel alloys, titanium or zirconium agitators, stirrers and mixers, Tantaline's tantalum surface alloy provides superb corrosion resistance as well as an extremely rugged and durable surface.

Because a Tantaline solution is a surface alloy and metallurgically alloyed to the agitators, stirrers and mixers, the tantalum metal surface will not chip, spall or separate from the substrate even under high RPM’s and conditions where cavitation exists.

In addition, the Tantaline surface is completely uniform and relatively thin compared to PTFE coatings, so balancing and smooth operation of agitators, stirrers and mixers is easily achieved.

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