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Corrosion Resistant Laboratory Reactors & Pressure Vessels

Amar Equipments Autoclave
Tantaline® treated laboratory reactors and pressure vessels for hot corrosive acid environments are the most corrosion resistant reactors and vessels commercially available for hot acid applications including hydrochloric acid (HCl), sulfuric acid (H2SO4), acetic acid, sour gas (H2S) and nitric acid. 

Laboratory Reactors and  Pressure Vessels by Size
> 25 - 100 ml
100 - 600 ml
1000 - 2000 ml
1 - 5 Gallon (3.75-18.75 L)
High Pressure
High Pressure & Temperature

Our tantalum surface alloy is grown into and on top of the reactors and pressure vessels supplied by leading manufacturers, e.g. Amar EquipmentsParr Instruments, and Premex Reactor AG. The result of the Tantaline treatment are the most corrosion resistant laboratory reactors and pressure vessels commercially available and an attractive solution cost-performance wise compared to e.g. Hastelloy laboratory reactors and pressure vessels. 


Premex Lab Reactor

If you are thinking about using corrosion resistant laboratory reactors and pressure vessels made from nickel alloys, Hastelloy, Monel, Inconel, titanium, zirconium or tantalum, consider combining Tantaline and your favorite brand of laboratory reactors and pressure vessels. Additional equipment such as thermowells, stirrers, fittings, pressure diaphrams and dip tubes can also be Tantaline® treated.


We Tantaline® treat equipment from leading manufacturers 
Amar Equipments

Premex Reactor AG
Premex Reactor AG

and other suppliers. 

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