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Highest corrosion performance

  • Tantaline takes advantage of tantalum metal's extraordinary corrosion resistant properties. Tantaline has shown time and time again to exceed the lifetime of specialty alloys by many times.
  • In most cases, tantalum metal will exhibit a zero (nil) corrosion rate (See Performance Video) 

 Attractive cost-performance

  • Tantaline offers attractive solutions cost-performance wise - compared to specialty alloys like Hastelloy C276, titanium and zirconium alloys.

Quick lead-times

  • Tantaline takes advantage of standard stainless steel parts as base materials so no custom fabrication is needed.
  • Tantaline's lead times are typically 4-5 weeks but could be quicker depending on availability.  
Improves safety

Value of Tantaline technology

  • By far the best price-performance ratio over the lifetime of the product.  
  • Less unscheduled downtime.
  • Lower maintenance costs.

Customer Testimonial - Performance (2:24)
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Customer Testimonial - Improving Safety (1:45)

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