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Corrosion Resistant Tantalum Fastners for Hot Acids

Acid Resistant Fasteners

Tantaline® treated fasteners are the most corrosion resistant fasteners commercially available. Tantaline corrosion resistant fasteners are ideal for hot acids, including hydrochloric acid (HCl), sulfuric acid (H2SO4), acetic acid, nitric acid, highly corrosive chemicals, and/or applications that require superior corrosion performance. Tantaline® treated corrosion resistant fasteners which include, nuts, bots, washers and threaded rod, are stainless steel base parts that are Tantaline® treated to create a tantalum surface alloy.

The advantages of Tantaline® treated fasteners compared to solid tantalum fasteners:


1. A Tantaline® treated fastener has the same corrosion resistance as solid tantalum.

2. Tantaline® treated fasteners have higher yield strength than solid tantalum due to the fact that a Tantaline treated product has a steel core.

3. Tantaline® treated fasteners are not susceptible to hydrogen embrittlement like solid tantalum fasteners.

How to Order Tantaline® treated Fasteners
Tantaline® treated fasteners are available in all common industry standards and some sizes are in stock. For quoting and ordering, simply specify: ISO, DIN or UNC standard with the relevant size.
Example:  “40 pcs Tantaline Hex socket head cap screws - ISO 4762 M8 x 40.”

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