Tantaline - The Material for Hot Acid
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 Outperforms Nickel, Titanium 
     & Zirconium many times

Attractive cost-performance

Quick Lead Times: 4-5 Weeks

FDA Approved Material

20 Years' Proven Experience


Tantaline is the world’s leading producer of tantalum surface alloys for valves, fittings, heat exchangers, lab reactors, instrumentation, and custom products in hot acid environments like hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid. Through its innovative tantalum vapor technology, Tantaline delivers the most corrosion resistant material commercially available today for the chemical processing, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, next generation energy and mining industries.

Tantaline has been helping out customers for more than 20 years offering them higher corrosion performance than Titanium, zirconium and Hastelloy* (nickel alloy). A service life at least 5-50 times longer than Hastelloy* C276, at costs competitive to Hastelloy C-276 and attractive lead-times have made Tantaline the market leading choice for severe corrosion applications that cannot be solved by plastics or polymer (e.g. PTFE) lining. The Tantaline performance is validated in a number of case studies

* Hastelloy is a trademark by Haynes International.


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Sour Gas / H2S Corrosion (7:19)

Honeywell compares 316, C276, titanium and Tantaline in high temp sour gas (H2S)

Expert Testimonial - Ruggedness of Tantaline (4:28)
Customer Testimonial - Performance (2:24)
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ISO9001 Certificate
ISO9001 Certificate

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