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Corrosion Resistant Instrumentation

Tantaline® treated 
corrosion resistant instrumentation meets the demands of a wide range of industrial applications because of Tantaline's corrosion resistance to so many different types of media. This makes Tantaline a unique solution for virtually any acidic media including hydrochloric acid (HCl), sulfuric acid (H2SO4), sour Gas (H2S). In addition, Tantaline's corrosion resistant instrumentation exhibits excellent thermal and electrical conductivity as well. It is the combination of these properties that makes Tantaline's superb corrosion performance an attractive solution cost-performance wise compared to specialty alloys. Tantaline's corrosion resistant instrumentation is an excellent fit for the high performance instrumentation industry.

For corrosion resistant instrumentation, Tantaline® offers the highest corrosion performance when compared to nickel alloys (Hastelloy and Inconel), titanium, zirconium and tantalum metal instruments in challenging corrosive environments.


How to Order

Tantaline is working with a variety of OEM's and end-users to provide the desired corrosion resistant instrumentation. Contact us to learn how Tantaline could help you identify a solution that fits your needs.


Customer Testimonial - Autoclave for Hot Acids
Autoclave testing of titanium, nickel C276 and Tantaline in hot acids.
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