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Tantalum Surface Treatment on Stainless Steel for protection against corrosive attack

Tantaline's Technology

Tantaline products consist of a core substrate (typically stainless steel), which is treated in our process to create an extremely rugged, uniform, inert and corrosion resistant tantalum surface. Through the Tantaline process, tantalum atoms are actually grown into the substrate creating a nanoscale inseparable surface alloy.

Further processing creates a tantalum surface of ~50 microns (0.002") with all of the characteristics and properties of pure tantalum metal. The Tantaline process is a gas phase process therefore both internal and external surfaces of complex parts such as valves, fittings, process equipment and instrumentation can be processed.

As a result, stainless steel parts once treated, gain the superb corrosion resistance of tantalum, maintain the mechanical properties of steel at prices competitive to specialty alloys like titanium, nickel alloys (Hastelloy C276, C22, B2) and zirconium.

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